Reduce your CO2 footprint by eliminating the use of paper

At the same time increase the interaction and engagement with the attendees of your next event

Meetings & Conferences

We eliminate all that paper waste around your conference. And we’ll help you dealing with all those schedule changes. Want to use the power of Social Media? Let us guide you!


We help you to make your venue look stunning. And we’ll fill your screens with relevant content, at an affordable price. All your clients a FREE mobile webapp for their event? Let’s do it!

Film Festivals

We help your visitors to find their favourite films. And we’ll give you a wonderful and affordable mobile solution. Want to sell your tickets faster? Check this out!

Become partner

We are always looking for partners. Let us show you how you can make a profit by servicing parts of the world that we do not have access to. Become a member of our global network today!

Our Services

“What’s On?” real-time program

Attendees can always see at a glance what is going on now and next. No scrolling, no flipping.

Twitter on screens

Spark conversations by visualizing the twitter messages about your event on large screens.

Branded narrowcasting

Leverage the power of your venue’s TV screen system by showing notices, program information, Tweets and sponsors.

Personalized SMS messages

Reduce your no-show by sending a personal reminder at the morning of your event. Or a personal thank you afterwards.

Private messaging to screens

The same fun as Twitter, without the whole world watching. Great solution for corporate events.

Mobile voting

Forget the hassle of ‘old fashioned’ voting systems; let your audience use their mobile to vote via SMS, web or twitter.

Social Identity Design

We make sure you look stunning in the ‘Social Media-verse’. We design your avatars, profile backgrounds and color schemes.

Social Media Consultancy

We have a passion for events and Social Media. We can help you and your attendees to get this to work!

On-site Social Media Helpdesk

You will never forget the first person you had … a twitter conversation with! Let us guide your attendees into this ‘magical’ world of Social Media.